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How to package your goods in the most effective way

You can save time and resources with the proper packaging equipment 

Investing in equipment is a key cost for every business and that is why our clients always take particular care when making a choice. This is where we come in as your partner in packaging! We help you find the most effective way to pack your goods whether they are single items, stacks, or pallets. At the same time, we work to optimize your resources, workforce, and time spent on packaging. 

Choosing a packaging machine

We can offer you automation and optimization solutions regardless of whether you are starting out or already have an established packaging process. We first become familiar with your production or distribution processes and then we weigh the options with respect to your expected results. We provide the best packaging solution for you, customized to your needs, and based on our extensive experience. When we advise our clients on upgrading their equipment or buying new packaging machines, we always include a detailed economic analysis of the pay-back time needed and return of investment on the new equipment. We emphasize the proper combination of machine and packaging material as a key factor for optimizing resources and lowering packaging costs. We have often met clients who have modern packaging equipment but use them ineffectively leading to higher packaging costs. This is exactly where our greatest strength lies – as a trusted partner in packaging. We prepare a complex solution including both suitable machines and quality materials. We do this to guarantee optimal value for your packaging. 

The benefits of automated packaging solutions

Investing in industrial equipment is the best way to achieve resources optimization and cost reduction. However, on more than one occasion, prospective clients reach out because their equipment is using too much packaging material rather than saving them time or resources. So, how can you tackle the issue of excessive use of materials? Often the answer is to adjust the software and hardware settings of your machines to the full potential of the packaging material.  

 That is why, in addition to the 1-year warranty for our industrial equipment, we offer expert maintenance, and opportunities for software and hardware upgrades. What does that mean to you as our client? When buying a packaging machine from us, you would also benefit from our highly qualified engineering team. They will ensure the initial set-up is done properly and any follow-up adjustments are done most efficiently. If your business is growing, we can support you with a consultation on productivity increase.  

The most common benefits of automated packaging solutions according to our clients: 

Guaranteed quality and durability of the packaging – with an automated packaging process you can set exact parameters for every product, stack, or pallet. It is not necessary to strengthen the packaging excessively. For every machine and every material, you receive our guarantee of durability.  

Less damaged goods and complaints – machine packaging stabilizes products on the pallet, increases the number of packaged goods, and minimizes damage. These are just some examples of how automated packaging solutions can ensure good business results for you. 

Standardization of processes and packaging – manual packaging of products is not effective when you want to keep a high level of quality. Automation gives you a competitive edge and allows you to grow quickly and more easily.  

Reducing waste – the right combination of machine and material is the only way to be sure that you are not using more resources than necessary. Manual labour leads to excess costs, mistakes, and the necessity of re-packaging. The correctly set machine in combination with a suitable material is a smart way to reduce waste overall. 

The planning of costs and keeping set norms – correctly setting the product’s price structure is key to the success of any manufacturer or distributor. This is impossible without the exact measurements of the packaging costs. That is why we plan the supply needed with each client and guarantee on-time delivery, availability of materials, and machine maintenance. This way our clients are fully informed and can easily forecast investment initiatives, manage their costs and plan their future. 

Last, but not least automated solutions limit dependency on people. In the dynamic environment nowadays, equipment requires a greater initial investment, but gives the option of standardization and frees up valuable resources. You can depend on our expert team to prepare an automation solution customized to your capabilities, exact needs, and business plans.  

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